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How was this photo taken?

Taking a photo with a monster is no simple feat. First, you have to transport the monster to the photographer's studio. This requires a dump truck and a very brave fork lift operator. Next, you have to explain to the monster why he was carted across town in the back of a dump truck. This needs to be a VERY GOOD explanation. Next you must explain to the dump truck driver why one of the wheels is now missing off the dump truck. Don't let the driver check the other side of the truck. More explanation will be needed. Getting the monster to pose is the biggest challenge. Monsters are afraid of cameras. And photographers. And especially photographers holding cameras. The best thing to do is allow the monster to run the photo shoot. Even if it involves surprise tentacle hugs. And tense stare downs. And even if their burps smell like old dump truck tires. When the photo shoot is finished you'll be glad you took the time to get a photo with your best friend. The dump truck driver. The photo with the monster is pretty cool too.

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