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Cover - Stu Truly First Kiss.jpg

Ages: 8-12

ISBN: 978-1499808919; $16.99

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middle grade novel

"Until recently, I was just a typical middle school kid without a care, or chin hair, in the world."

Stu Truly has his summer all planned out, and he's anxious to spend time with Becca, the girl who makes his palms sweat and his stomach turn. Will Stu's crush turn into something more?

This is a hilarious and heartwarming follow-up to the contemporary middle grade novel Stu Truly. 

"Not to ruin the suspense, but @author_dan @littlebeebooks has THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF A FIRST KISS EVER! "I literally felt my head contract and then explode like in the zombie bride scene in Death Intruders." Wow. Just go read this fantastic book!” Karen Yingling

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